Setting a New Standard

This is the cover story from our 2019 Summer edition of Two More Chains. How do we move from heart-wrenching tragedy, through painful growth and into lifesaving standardization? The rappel community knows. By Bre Orcasitas Bre Orcasitas is the Field Operations Specialist for the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center. A former rappeller herself, in this article … Continue reading Setting a New Standard

Tear Out Tool

By Paul Keller The recently released “East Evans Creek Tree Strike Lessons Learned Review” has lots of important lessons and insights. A firefighter was struck and severely injured by a falling snag at two in the morning. Firefighters from multiple crews came together to enact a successful extraction in the dark using multiple means of … Continue reading Tear Out Tool

The Week of Remembrance – Honor Through Learning

By Paul Keller Did you know that this is the annual NWCG “Wildland Firefighter Week of Remembrance”? This special remembrance time is featured every year for seven days, beginning June 30 through July 6. The intent is to provide an opportunity to collectively remember our fallen firefighters as we continue our ongoing efforts to enhance … Continue reading The Week of Remembrance – Honor Through Learning