High Visibility — More to the Story . . .

By Tony Petrilli As the U.S. Forest Service’s National Technology and Development Program (T&D) Project Leader for firefighter clothing, I would like to address some of the history and decision-making criteria concerning Forest Service “spec” garments. A recent Blog Post on this LLC site written by Charlie Palmer [https://wildfirelessons.wordpress.com/2019/04/16/high-vis/] referred to a proposal that he … Continue reading High Visibility — More to the Story . . .

What does a well-founded risk decision look like?

By Mark Smith, Mission-Centered Solutions ©Mission-Centered Solutions This paper is the result of an ongoing dialog around risk I’ve had within the post-Yarnell Honor the Fallen group. One member posed the rhetorical but critical question: “Should we be risking lives for suppression efforts or not? “That prompted my response in The Big Lie essay on … Continue reading What does a well-founded risk decision look like?

Who is on Your Crew?

By Lyndsay Alarcon, Helitack Superintendent Crew Resource Management (CRM) is the application of team management concepts in the wildland fire environment.  CRM originated as Cockpit Resource Management and was developed by NASA in 1979.  At that time, the majority of aviation accidents were caused by human error related to failures in communication, leadership and decision … Continue reading Who is on Your Crew?