DRAWN BY FIRE - Paul Combs


Today I publish an illustration that was harder to draw than I thought it would be – and I knew it would be hard! The subject of alcoholism, alcohol abuse, and drunk driving is at times a taboo subject in the firehouse and our national conferences. We eagerly discuss tactics, obesity, cancer, suicide, depression, seat belts, speed, health and fitness… the list of ways we can become injured or killed seems endless, and we are doing a much better job of having these conversations. But as I write this, another brother is dead, another family is mourning a father/husband/son, and friends are crushed beyond words. I did not know this man outside of a couple on-line interactions, but it brought up so many feelings and emotions from friends lost in the past – losses that I’m still coming to terms with. So, as I do, I put my pain, anger…

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One thought on “DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!

  1. That’s kind of why I stopped going to a lot of the local and National events about firefighting because it’s based on safety and what we do and then everybody goes out drinks and uses I really don’t get it I had to get away from that I try to influence people to the positive but most people just laugh cuz all events including an upcoming retirement party is alcohol-based. When I tried to set up my party as a family-based non-alcohol retirement party the department for me so what I did is just figured I wouldn’t have a retirement party then my local volunteer fireman the local fire protection district and the forest service put one together for me and it was the best time ever God bless you all keep up the good work and let’s talk about that monster cuz it’s the hidden monster that is killing many people and driving people over the edge


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