Fuel Geysers: Take the Quiz, Hear the Latest

You’ve heard the term “fuel geyser,” right?

If you haven’t, watch this:

That’s a fuel geyser.

Even if you’re familiar with the term, there’s a high likelihood you’ve fallen victim to some falsehoods, myths or half-truths surrounding what a fuel geyser is and what it isn’t.

Think you know fuel geysers?  Prove it!

Take the quiz below. Then hear a great conversation with a real-life engineer who’s been trying to crack the fuel geyser code. He’s Ralph Gonzales, U.S. Forest Service Engineer, surfer, mountain biker and all around cool dude.

Tell us how you did in the comments below!

Next, listen up for the latest on fuel geysers:




More Resources:   

Report a fuel geyser                   National Fuel Geyser Awareness Campaign Website

Fuel Geyser Reporting Form Capture                                      Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 12.23.23 PM

4 thoughts on “Fuel Geysers: Take the Quiz, Hear the Latest

  1. I’m curious why the fuel tank breather caps aren’t being mentioned. Clearly an engineer has had attention there? The saws have them. You find them after taking away the body parts that surround the carburetor. They tend to be neglected and clogged with wood dust.
    I’ve never experienced a geyser, but a fume burp is quite regular especially when the tank is not full. I regularly clean the fuel vent about every month. Wondering why is hasn’t been discussed?

    Just for feedback, I got all answers correct, but I feel they were worded in a manner that steers toward common sense or perhaps intuitive and maybe that’s not so common?


    • Hey Brian!
      Great catch: the fuel tank vents aren’t discussed.

      Here’s the deal with those vents: on newer equipment, those vents are one-way vents. They allow air in as fuel is consumed. They do NOT allow vapor/pressure out, and cleaning them or replacing them will NOT lessen the likelihood of a geysering event.

      Check out this video for a bit more: https://youtu.be/d8g2iCnGAYk

      Thanks for the feedback on the quiz wording. You’re spot on regarding the wording of the questions, and we’ll keep your comment in mind if/when we do future quizzes like this.

      Finally, are you aware of the “prize” you’re entitled to with a perfect score?

      Thanks! Alex


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